VivThomas – Mango A, Talia Mint – One Small Step Episode 1 – Auspice

Models: Mango A
Released Date: December 02, 2015
Size: 1.48 GB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:27:12
Description: Celebrated director Alis Locanta takes the helm at Viv Thomas with a€?One Small Step,a€? a stylish and sensuous introduction to his work. Superstar Mango A also makes her Viv Thomas debut here, alongside Ukrainian beauty Talia Mint; we see Talia dancing seductively in sexy lingerie in the prelude. As the main scene begins, Mango commiserates as Talia complains about her jealous and possessive girlfriend. It seems there is a little more to their relationship than just friendship, as Mangoa€?s sympathetic touch becomes amorous, and Talia leans in to kiss her. Their spontaneous spark of attraction develops into a prolonged and passionate kiss, and although Taliaa€?s conscience is stirred, she cana€?t resist. Later as she lies on her bed, engrossed in her phone messages, Mango watches her, sliding a hand down into her shorts to touch herself. Their eyes meet and they begin to kiss again; Talia straddles Mangoa€?s face to get her pussy eaten until she is gasping and laughing with delight, her nipples diamond-hard. She masturbates over Mangoa€?s face until shea€?s at the brink of orgasm, then sits back down, rocking her hips as she rides Mangoa€?s probing tongue to ecstasy. They bask in this new intimacy, and Mango confides in Talia about a small personal triumph. Talia sucks her stiff nipples and goes down to lick her pussy with growing intensity. She strokes Mangoa€?s clitoris with wet fingers, slides them inside to fuck her, and then eats her to a powerful climax. As Talia prepares to leave, their fierce parting kiss suggests their love story is just beginninga€|
title:VivThomas – Mango A, Talia Mint – One Small Step Episode 1 – Auspice